Like good wine, we grow more mellow with age.


And as we age, we grow more  mellow with wine - unknown


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Colin John Henry.   Born Armidale, NSW, Australia, year not important.  Baby Boomer generation.  An early boomer.  Enough said.  Father Arthur was a baker who owned his own business, the Great Northern Bakery. Mother Olga was a housewife.  The way it was in the fifties in Australia.  Lived in Armidale until I was twelve.  Moved to Sydney (parents home town) where I completed school and commenced working.  After two stints in different professions, I ended up in the computing profession in the late '60s. Now nearly 40 years on, I am retired. Married Carmel in the early '70's whilst working in Newcastle for 21/2  years.  After another 21/2  years back in Sydney, we headed for Canberra, Australia's national capital.  Now, 40+ years, 3 kids and 4 grand kids later, life in Canberra and Tuross Head, NSW, is comfortable and relaxed. 

Hobbies, interests and activities

Having been in IT for so long, computing and internet activities have been part of my life for many years.  In more recent times, family genealogy research has become a major interest and as a result I undertook some genealogy research in Poland and Gemany during my 2005 and 2007 overseas trips.  Photos from my trip and results from my family genealogy research are posted in this web site. I have a passion for travel and as a result have developed a web site which contains travel information. This is useful when planning travel activities, with links to many different travel-related sites, all available in the one spot.

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In this site...

is information on travel, genealogy, food and of course wine. Many photos, from several family contributors, also appear.  Like most new undertakings, we will start small, but with high expectations, and a desire to please, inform and entertain.

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