Kasia Grycza

Genealogy Researcher, Translator and Tour Guide

Poznan, Poland

I've always interested in the history of the family. Babcia Staruszka, my 102 year old great grandmother always had stories .I became more interested in the history of the family 5 or 6 years ago because colleagues had knowledge of their families.Lukasz Bielecki showed how to document family stories with written sources and to use the archives.

2. How are you involved with genealogy?
Researcher, Translator (Written and Conversational). Languages: Polish, English, German, Italian and Russian.

3. How far back have you taken your family lines and in which geographic area?
Eight generations. Ran out of records ~ 1740's. Poznan, Gniezno and Znin.

4. Do you have a current " brick wall" you are trying to solve?
No, just missing records and finding all the descendants of mutual ancestors. I helped a client named Antonia find proof for her story about bringing a car to Poznan and selling the car because the relative it was for didn't know how to drive.. And finding the 1920 monument the ancestor has paid for .

5. Please tell us about your biggest success.
It has yet to happen!  I
t will be the day I find a book that should contain 600 years of family ownership of a farm. Land owners were the Jankowow.  The book supposedly has listed all the 
owner of the farm.  As a side note, although we have a history teacher in the family, he has not worked on the family genealogy. But, each time I find some new family information, he confirms that it was correct.

6. Do you have a current favorite ancestor?
Usually my favorite ancestors are the ones I am working on. It might be one of my client's ancestors,too.

7. Research techniques to share?
I found the displays and information at the "real" Ellis Island in NY very informative. I liked the maps that showed how many Polish people came to the US and where they settled in the U.S.

Also, look for residence lists if you know the home village. 

Print a map of the village of your ancestors and become familiar
 with the surrounding villages.

8. Most useful website?
FamilySearch.org and EllisIslandRecords.org

9. Vintage Family Photos
1933 Wedding Photo of Grandmother
1903s Gather of family on front of the house in Scubin

10. What are your future plans?
I would like to publish a book including all the information I have researched on the previous generations.

Would like to be part of a network of researchers thoughtout Poland and throughout the world. Would like to be able to use the internet for real time chats and consulting.

       Kasia is an excellent genealogy researcher and translator, a great tour guide and wonderful travelling companion.