Butow Family Information


New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 – New York Arrival 19 May 1873


Colin's info.
*   Wilhelm Butow appears twice in the records, with different birth dates.
*   There is no record of Sophia, who was shown as Carl’s wife in Kay  
     Scott’s  records. She may have died in Prussia or England.
*   The family left from Liverpool England (or Queenstown Ireland).
*   Gustav Adolph Heinrich arrived in Australia in 1873 from Margonin via

*   Edward Ernst Ludwig Heinrich (Gustav’s brother) went to Liverpool from        Margonin (date unknown), but could have been there at the same time          as the Butow family.

*   Edward’s son Hugo Albert Heinrich came to Australia (need to check  

     when) whilst his brother Gustav Adolph Herman Heinrich stayed in  


Kay's info.
*   Re the ship record. The info on Carl and Johan is correct.
*  "Catherine" has to be Sophia because she was called "Charlotta" on her         daughter's  death certificate and was called "Charlotte" in another of             my family records. That was  her middle name.  It doesn't take much               stretch of imagination for someone to write down  "Catherine" rather             than  "Charlotte".   "Catherine's" age is correct, too.
*   Sophia Charlotte Heinrichen Butow is buried in the Lutheran Cemetery in        Freeborn County, Minnesota, USA, next to her husband Carl.  She died            August 11, 1892. 

*   Second, it appears that "Wilhelm" (age 24) is really Wilhelmina...Johan's      wife...although why she is shown as a male is strange.  I can't read the          word following the "M" written on the record so have no idea what it says      or means.  Wilhelmina was the same age as Johan...24 years old at that        time.

*  Louisa was actually 27 when they left Germany and turned 28 a few days     after they arrived in New York.
*  Wilhelm's age (15) is correct.

I assume that things were probably quite chaotic at the port when                  people were being put on the manifest...thus causing a certain number          of errors.  I am positive this is my complete Butow family and it is                    confirmation that they all came over at the same time.